A Night at the Plaza

A Night at the Plaza
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Friday, October 18, 2013

Eat, Pray, Love Italy

The most important thing to remember while planning your wedding is that it's all about the love that you and your partner share; making the promise to stay together forever, no matter what.  Of course all the glitz and glamour of weddings is always a plus while planning, but at the same time too many people get caught up on the little things and forget what weddings are truly all about.

As Shakespeare refers to Italy as the land of love, what better way to really feel the love and romance then right in Italy? The buildings and sights alone will put you in that perfect mood for your wedding and help you remember through all the craziness why you're having this celebration.

Italy is known for its rich history, brilliant architecture, and may just have the best cuisine in the world.

First Step: explore the sites in the city from the older style buildings to the magnificent gardens.

Since the buildings were built so long ago, the architecture in Italy showed the true talent that many of the architects did have.  Detail was extremely important so when it comes time to pick a unique wedding venue you won't find many locations this astonishing that can be found in Italy. 

When looking to book a destination wedding, of course one of the main focuses is going to be the views, sights, landscape, and a different feel from what your used to.  Not only does Italy include that when walking through town but the actual country and sites you see will leave your guests amazed.  There is so many different locations in Italy when looking to plan your wedding that it might leave you clueless as to where you should look first, but I assure you that you can't go wrong with any part of Italy.  Our favorite location is the Amalfi Coast, from Sorrento to Amalfi the locations are breath-taking.

As stated before, the cuisine is entirely out of this world.  Unlimited true Italian pastas, different sauces, pizza, all the best for your wedding.  Italy truly can exceed your highest expectations with their food alone. Everything is always perfectly fresh and prepared to the food's greatest potential.

To top everything else off, we absolutely love our Italian weddings.  The team of experts that we have assembled in Italy makes our job a dream.  They're extremely friendly and very helpful.  Planning a wedding here is one of our favorites and is always a pleasure.  With twenty years experience in Europe we are the experts on Italy. We love to commission boats to explore the coast from Almalfi to Sorrento.  Italy never fails to impress each guest and there really is something for everyone to see and enjoy.

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