A Night at the Plaza

A Night at the Plaza
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"I do" as the Romans do...

Along the Southern coast of Italy, in the mountains, sits the town of Amalfi. Everyone stayed at the five star luxury Hotel Santa Caterina, which has a breathtaking view and some great spots to host events. The couple hosted their welcome party there, and if it wasn’t booked on Saturday, they might have held their wedding there. This hotel’s service is impeccable; everyone is willing to help you.

We arranged a boat excursion to Sorrento (about an hour and half). While in Sorrento, guests had about 2 hours to shop and eat. We would suggest a little more time because there are great little shops and places to eat, but it all requires taking the time to walk around. You can also arrange for a mini bus to take guests who are not interested in taking the boat.

The couple got married in this beautiful church in Ravello (about a 15 minutes drive from Amalfi), the next town over. After they said their I do’s, they walked into the piazza as two guitarists led them and their guests up the path to Villa Cimbrone. This is probably my favorite thing that really shows the culture of the area.

Although walking up (and down) to get there can be bear for your older guests, it’s still a memorable place. For the older guests, there is a man that has a motorized chair to help them up and down, but it takes 20 minutes per way and only one person at a time. We also shipped flip flops for the ladies to change into for the walk-up and down.

Villa Cimbrone is this gorgeous venue that has a terrace with one of the best views, ever. Cocktails were held in the gardens nearby the terrace. The reception was held in the Villa’s crypt that is literally carved into the side of the mountain. The crypt has these gothic-style arches that give this area incredible drama.

It’s hard for me to describe this beauty of Italy in words. Even these photos don’t do it justice. Italy is one of my top three places for a destination wedding because the guests are excited to travel to Europe and we usually choose a place that most people have not been to. It’s easy to do a wedding in Rome, but traveling south to Amalfi, people get to see the countryside of Italy, as well as the mountains. It is nothing like Milan, Venice, Rome, Florence, or even Tuscany. This area has so much more character.