A Night at the Plaza

A Night at the Plaza
Wedding designed and produced by Elegant Occasions, Inc.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Iceland, the Land of Fire and Ice - Destination wedding

Iceland known as the "the land of Fire and Ice" offers an incredible range of biodiversity and geography, Iceland is a country, where you can find snow-covered glaciers and mountain ranges near thermal pools, hot springs and active volcanoes

For the couples who love adventure, those who get married in Iceland will find a playground for nature lovers and outdoor adventure types looking for something out of the ordinary, with endless interesting and surreal backdrops. This country is full of amazing activities, from white - water rafting in deep river gorges to whale- watching in the Nordic fishing village, or hike along the beautiful coast, an Iceland wedding is always spectacular.

Reykjavik is Iceland's capital and is considered the most northernmost city in the world. Reykajavik sees little sun during the winter, but its summers are endless, with the sun circling the horizon for 22 hours of daylight at a time.You will find hip and quirky museums, shops , and restaurants scattered throughout of the city.

We created this amazing wedding for 10 guests - that was both fun and gorgeous. We brought this small hearty group to an area that had the most amazing waterfalls that was the breathtaking backdrop for the ceremony.

Once this small ceremony concluded they dined on local cuisine at Hotel Ranga - a wonderful rustic hotel, set at the base of a volcano. 

The guests dined on wild mushroom soup, local salmon, reindeer and for dessert pineapple infused with raspberry sauce.

Indian grandeur in Newport

Grandeur, color, and fun are blended with culture and heritage in all Indian weddings. Indian weddings are probably the most visual of the weddings we have created over the years. They range in size from 100 to over 900 guests.  I love to infuse the event with lots of color and texture. Lighting is the key to transforming the space from simple to amazing. Creating visual memories and entertaining the guests makes for the most memorable events we work on.

The ceremonies are steeped in rituals and traditions that are a feast for the eyes. My favorite wedding was held in Newport, Rhode Island. This was a 300 person event, 2 days party, the Indian ceremony
was held beneath a gorgeous gold and red draped mandap that served as the backdrop for this
wonderful couple.

The barrat is the entrance of the groom to the ceremony. This groom arrived via helicopter and then joined the barrat in gold and white dressed horse and carriage that led him to the steps of the venue.  He was met by the parents of the Bride, who welcome him to family.  The 30 minute entrance was lead by the dhol player.

Typically ,Indian weddings are served either buffet style or family style. The culture is all about family and it it focuses on including everyone from young to old to celebrate with the couple. It is truly a party atmosphere.
This particular wedding we did a wonderful buffet with tandori ovens and chef creating dishes right before their eyes.  Mango Lasse's were passed as guests arrived and they were entertained 
by Dandiya dancers throughout the night. We draped the tent in fabric swags in reds, orange tones and had guests seated on low seating with assorted pillows placed around the carpeted tables. The colors were vibrant, fun and inviting.