A Night at the Plaza

A Night at the Plaza
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Patterns, Pinterest and Projects

Top Wedding Trends: Patterns, Pinterest, and Projects

Brides find a variety of sources to fuel inspiration for their weddings.  They find it in film, amongst celebrities, within the pages of magazines, and on wedding blogs. Brides have been known to sponge up information that will help them translate their dream into reality. They cannot get enough of it, and now they are mostly mobile, from the iPhone to the iPad, they have instant access to finding these inspirations.
I’ve been in this wedding industry for over 20 years and there are some trends that are re-appearing…

Lace is abundant:  from the gowns to the linens to the accents. They are using lace to tie off invitations; they are using lace for tablecloths and for runners. Lace is not only a nod to something that was found in the homes of our grandparents , but it’s a quick way to feminize and soften many venues, like a barn.

Stripes and chevron prints: in an assortment of colors, is also found in invitations and table clothes. 
  Patterns excite the eye and can be used for accent pieces like pillows, being carried by a ring bearer.

Food trucks: pizza trucks, cupcake trucks, taco trucks, waffle trucks… this is way more intense than your average ice cream truck (which is also still fun to have). It’s a great way to welcome your guests and use in lieu of your regular cocktail hour. These trucks are also making an appearance for the after party. The food truck addiction continues to surprise and impress guests.

DYI: brides want to get involved, either by tying bows, making signs or making their own guest books. These personal touches add to making the day even more memorable. I’ve had brides make and jar jam, to make the wedding their own.

Social media: This is not going anywhere. If anything it is playing a larger role in the bride’s search for the next hot thing. From Pinterest to Vine to Etsy, they scour the internet for anything that inspires them.

Virtual attendees: That’s right. First there was Skype and now we can live stream weddings. It’s a wonderful way to include guests or family members who cannot attend. They get a live feed of the nuptials on their computer and it makes them feel like they are part of the festivities.

Creative food stations: Just like the many different food trucks, creative food stations can be your “wow-factor.” From smores stations to mashed potato station, brides are getting innovative like make- your-pizza station. Just like brides want to make their wedding more unique, they also want their guests to make it their own.  You are not limited to food, I’ve incorporated drink stations, like a mimosa station or bloody mary station, even step-and-mix-yourself-a-cocktail.

Lawn games: Showing up at almost every cocktail hour are games like badminton, croquet, baci ball and corn hole; people are making the cocktail hour more interactive.

Lounge areas with a defined statement: The poker lounge with poker tables and micro-brewery beers in buckets (for self-serve). If you are marrying a techie, make a lounge with computer screens and martinis. You love wine and cheese?  That can be a lounge section paired with fine wines. The possibilities are endless here.

Unique and unusual venues: This is my favorite.  Brides are opting for farms, wineries, warehouses and lofts instead of the typical ballroom space. The venue must speak to the couple and make them feel the moment.

Return of Glam: The Great Gatsby has fueled a generation into looking for that old mansion where they can gather on the lawn and have a tent with crystal chandeliers and pleated ceilings. A white carpet can be enhanced by the flowers accented by crystals.

Even though I’ve planned 100’s of weddings, brides are still inspiring me. Like the brides, I’ve soaked up these inspirations and am always finding new ways to inspire my clients. With that, I encourage my clients to “Pin [Pinterest] away!”