A Night at the Plaza

A Night at the Plaza
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Rafting down the Lethe River

After all the years I’ve been going to Jamaica, I recently returned with memories from one of the most amazing experiences. With about a 25-minute ride into the green mountains of Montego Bay, Jamaica, you reach an opening that leads you down sets of stairs to the Lethe River. This river runs about 2 miles long and also turns into the Great River.

When you arrive at the river, you see about 25 rafts. Each raft is handcrafted by your guide with bamboo and is about 10 ft long. Each raft has its own name as well! I boarded the Love Doctor and was pampered the entire way down the river.
My guide would park the raft along certain spots of the river, get out, run into the jungle, and return with things like limestone, flint rocks, Allspice, bamboo straws, and many more. In this situation, the guide used the limestone as a pumas stone and gave me a foot massage! He even climbed a tree to get a coconut, cut it open, and inserted the bamboo straw! These guides are quite fascinating men, and it’s amazing how much they know!

This experience is very similar to taking a gondola ride, except you are surrounded by lush greenery. It is an experience I definitely will suggest for wedding groups! It is relaxing, educational, and entertaining! Not to mention, after the rafting ride, you can setup rum tasting for your guests!

Just a friendly reminder, be sure to have tips on hand, as the guides surely deserve them!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One Love in Jamaica

When a bride closes her eyes and sees her wedding in a place with lush greenery, near a beach, and in a country filled with amazing Caribbean culture, I would suggest she goes to Jamaica. This is one of my favorite spots for destination weddings. Fifteen minutes from the International airport in Montego Bay, there is Half Moon Resort.

More than just a hotel, Half Moon is the perfect place for your guests to be entertained, yet still enjoy some rest and relaxation. Whether the wedding is two people or 500 people, Half Moon can accommodate your wedding. The Romance department and staff go above and beyond to help execute the wedding of your dreams!

With chic rooms and villas overlooking the beach or gardens, great options for dining, golf, and a fantastic spa, this 400-acre site can entertain an entire wedding weekend. One of my favorite things about Half Moon is the fact that it sits on so much land but still feels like a boutique hotel.

This resort can be at 100% in capacity and you will still feel you are the only person there! This intimate feeling is a great tone for weddings.

If anyone has been to Jamaica, you know that you fall in love with the culture more than anything else. From the food to the attitude of the people to the music, everything about Jamaica is truly amazing! I’ve been coming to Jamaica for 20 years and this country truly knows how to the throw a great party. How can you resist an island whose motto is “One Love?”