A Night at the Plaza

A Night at the Plaza
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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Cayman .... Seven miles of Beach Beauty

Cayman islands offer the ultimate in hospitality and romance. You have the option of getting married in a smaller resort or a five-star hotel, this destination has the capability of producing events that reflect the style that a bride envisions.  The backdrop of this ocean is simply spectacular.

The Cayman Islands are located south of Cuba and it is known for its pristine 7 mile beach. The sunsets are unique and varied every night.  Once you arrive into the Cayman Islands, you step off the plane onto the tarmac and feel the rush of warm Caribbean air.

Guest activities:  your guests have plenty of options to select for excursions. For those who love to scuba dive, they have some of the best reef diving around. Stingray City is just a 10 minute boat ride away where you can swim and snorkel among the reefs.  The Turtle Farm at Boatswain's Beach, offers kids and adults the opportunity to see hundreds of giant turtles.

For the guest with a sophisicated palette this island offers a wide range of amazing cuisine. One must try
any of the following restaurants:

Calypso Restaurant, known for its wonderful sticky toffy pudding www.calypsogrillcayman.com

Osetra Bay, this Miami feeling restaurant has a fusion to it, served with by wonderful friendly waiters who are a joy to be around.  The food at Osetra is inspiring and wonderful. I think the drink master made this amazing www.osetrabay.com

Luca Restaurant: best seaside fine dining restaurant, set within the Caribbean Club. www.caribclub.com


Marriage license requirements:

 Residency requirements: none
 Necessary documentation: non residents need a marriage license, letter from authorized local marriage officer, proof of citizenship and age, proof of marital status, legal divorce decree, two witnesses

Places to stay:

Ritz Carlton, for those who love to have full service hotel, this is the perfect place for you. Ritz Carlton offers a variety of room levels, plus multiple restaurants. www.ritzcarlton.com/grandcayman

Caribbean Club: this exclusive boutique suite hotel, offers guests one - three bedroom private villas with common living room and full service kitchens. Great option for weddings and families. www.caribclub.com

Displaying 20150425_131738.jpg With pristine sand comes some great ideas for getting that sand off your toes after the ceremony ....

Cayman islands is one of the few islands without a waiting period for a  marraige license, so if you are so inclined to Elope - this is the perfect spot for that, as well.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Creative Welcome Bags for Destination Weddings

Welcome bags are part of the destination planning.  You want to make a great first impression when your guests arrive to the location.  Greet your guests with items that are native to the region in which they are traveling to.

The following items should be included in all welcome bags:

 Map of the Region
 Restaurant Guide
 Timeline of the weekend activities
 Bottles of water
 Salty Snack
 Sweet Snack

Be creative in your bag selection, the types of containers varies from tote bags, to white gift bags to gable boxes.

Tote bags, are filled with snacks, local items and items that represent the couple

Tag the bags with custom tags that match your theme of the wedding.

Add some after party hangover kits, filled with advil, alka seltzer, tums are just some suggestions

Create bags that are native to the area, in NYC we hand out 5th Avenue candy bars, pretzels and apples

In the Caribbean, for planned activities we included snorkeling equipment with sunscreen, aloe and candy native to the island

Palm bags are great, this bag was used a favor with a picture frame that we had photos taken of each guest

Towels are great for the bags, that are personalized with the wedding theme