A Night at the Plaza

A Night at the Plaza
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bahamian-Style Wedding

Sometimes honeymoons aren't enough, many couples decide to get married in their chosen destination spot to make their wedding even more memorable. 

Why wouldn't you want to get married at your dream destination, especially if your destination is the Bahamas. Beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and plenty of palm trees; it's truly the perfect paradise. 

In the Bahamas, you can choose to go with a very elegant style for your theme, but one of the most popular wedding styles is the traditional Bahamian style.  Throwing a Bahamian-style wedding can be very enjoyable since it's very relaxed and easy to engage with your guests.
Choosing the décor for a Bahamian wedding can definitely be more fun and simplistic opposed to the traditional style wedding.  Unless you have a separate theme in mind, then beach decorations are always one of the top choices.
If you didn't want the Bahamian theme for your actual ceremony, the theme makes for a great welcoming party or wedding rehearsal theme to help get your guests in the appropriate island mood.
When it comes to picking a location and theme for each of your events, there is a wide variety to choose from.  When you plan a destination wedding you get to pick the itinerary for the entire weekend.  From the welcome party, rehearsal, ceremony, reception, and any other added events; you have a wide array of different options for each event. 
One of the most common choices for a reception, rehearsal dinner, or welcoming party in the Bahamas is a beach-barbeque theme.  You can add interactive activities for your guests, enjoy the beach, and taste traditional Bahamian cuisine. 
For entertainment why not throw in a little extra to the event with adding Bahamian residents to help wow your guests.  The Bahamian residents are known for being friendly and enjoy entertaining their visitors.
Depending on each separate event, you can get a little fancier and maybe host a semi-formal brunch or an early formal dinner.  The key is that there are plenty of options for each individual event and we're here to help assist you in planning your wedding.

When it's finally time for the big day and the actual ceremony, we will help make that moment to be the most memorable. These are just a few examples of our previous Bahama beach ceremonies.

To top of the perfect ceremony there are plenty of options that you and your partner can take part in together to make the ceremony even more romantic and intimate. 
Just remember having a destination wedding in the Bahamas can be a dream come true and will be something that's unforgettable.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Away in Anguilla

One of the most popular locations for destination weddings has always been in the Caribbean.  Anguilla is one of the biggest hotspots in the Caribbean to have a wedding and there is no secret as to why.  From the miles of white sandy beaches to the famous turquois waters; it'll be a true get away from the normal hustle and bustle of our daily lives. 

Anguilla is effortlessly romantic.  Not only does the tropical location already set the mood, but the famous starry nights are remarkable.  In Anguilla it doesn't matter what time of day it is or where you are at that moment, but the feelings will always be memorable. 

As far as location choices, there are so many options as to where to have your wedding that you may not know where to begin.  Anguilla has many different historical venues, tropical gardens, seaside villas, and even private yachts.  Although, if you are looking for a more traditional approach, Anguilla's beautiful churches are always an option too.


No matter what time of day it is, there is always something to do.  During the day there are various activities you and your guests can take part in.  From the traditional island activities including various island tours, exploring the ocean, searching for wildlife, or even collecting the famous conch shells it will leave your guests as well as yourself with everlasting memories. 

When those romantic stars begin to shine through the open island sky what better way to take it all in then enjoying the night life. Indulge in the candle-lit dining options or maybe just a cozy up for a classic bonfire. There are even night time tours to fit each individual's needs.  Whether you're up for some 'sand mashing' (Anguilla-style dancing) or just looking to 'lime' (hang out); 'bored' is not an option.


When planning an Anguilla wedding, there are so many options as far as décor you can pick to really WOW your guests.  For many brides, this is one of their favorite parts.  Detail is extremely important in any wedding to fulfill the chosen theme.  From all of the previous weddings we have done, we're able to provide you with decoration examples we have used in the past if you aren't quite sure on all of your details.

These pictures are just a few of many examples that previous brides have used in our weddings. 
If you are looking for an island based location for your destination wedding, Anguilla might just be the perfect spot to make your romantic day unforgettable. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Napa... vineyards, wine, great food... without a passport

Are you looking for that special wedding destination but don't want to leave the country? Having your wedding in Napa, California may be the perfect choice for you.

Forget the hassle of everyone needing to get passports.  Instead you can still 'get away' to one of the most romantic wedding locations in the country. 

Depending on the season you want your wedding in, starting from September through October is when Napa harvest the grapes for their famous wines.  It's not too busy then and you can enjoy the freshly harvested wines.  If you want your wedding a little earlier in the year, at the start of Spring is when the famous mustard plants come into bloom and give off an eye-popping, bright yellow color.  These two seasons may be something to keep in mind.

Napa is famous for their vineyards and abundance of different wines; after all it is called the Wine Country.  There are many different ways to explore the vineyards other then just by car.  To make it more memorable you can ride a bike, rent a motorcycle, go by horseback, go on a boat, or even use one of the famous Napa Valley Balloons.

Your guests will love touring the many famous vineyards in the area and will be especially excited for your wedding, knowing there are plenty of attractions here for the entire time they stay.  From food and wine tasting, spas, culinary activities, antique shopping, art work, tours, and sightseeing. 

With views of vineyards at the location of your choice in Napa, it will give off the perfect romantic setting.  You will feel as though you left the country and will find out why so many couples choose a Napa wedding. 

The vibrant green look at every wedding will give you a perfect picturesque wedding to say the least.
You can choose your location based on mountain backdrops, the classic Tuscan feel, phenomenal vineyards, romantic barrel rooms, modern-style barns, and even vintage estates. 

For those who enjoy fine wine and great food, you can't go wrong with a Napa wedding.  The area alone has attracted plenty of talented chefs and many chefs who grew up in the area with a real appreciation for fine dining. 

The entire atmosphere is European-styled, so why leave the country when you don't have to? 

There will be activities for all of your guests throughout the entire weekend and will leave them wanting to come back.  Once you enter Wine Country you'll truly appreciate all it has to offer.

One Love... Jamaica

Jamaica only a short flight away from the states is the home of Reggae, Bob Marley, Jerk Chicken, Rice and Peas and the land of ONE LOVE!! What a perfect place to get married.

Jamaica has a variety of wedding options depending on the type of wedding your looking for. There are plenty of different style beach weddings if you want that more relaxed feel or if you're looking for a luxurious resort just away from home, Jamaica has plenty of options to plan your special day.

If you want a destination wedding don't wait too long to start planning so you can have your choice of location and date for the perfect wedding.

One of the great things about Jamaica is that whether you have a modest budget or a large one, there are plenty of choices in Jamaica to accommodate you.

If knowing that Jamaica is famous for its land of love hasn't quite sold you yet, the people, let alone the atmosphere will make you feel completely welcomed. The people are generally high spirited, always giving off friendly vibes and this will help reassure your destination choice.

As with many of our destination weddings, the views here are incredible. From the clear blue waters, the white sand beaches, the colorful sunsets, and of course the popular waterfalls; it truly is a sight to see.

From Ocho Rios to Montego Bay to Negril, this island offers a wonderful variety of places to say your I DO's.

After having your wedding, you have to check out the various activities the Jamaica has to offer. If you're feeling adventurous you could go zip lining, snorkeling, cliff diving, or go hiking on the famous Blue Mountains.

If those activities don't sound quite like your forte, there are plenty of other things to do for each individual's taste. Try horseback riding on the beach, go shopping at the craft markets, or even catch up on your history and take a visit to the famous Bob Marley museum. There is always something going on whether it's daytime activities or enjoying the night life.

Just remember you can't go wrong with planning your destination wedding in Jamaica... the land of love.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Eat, Pray, Love Italy

The most important thing to remember while planning your wedding is that it's all about the love that you and your partner share; making the promise to stay together forever, no matter what.  Of course all the glitz and glamour of weddings is always a plus while planning, but at the same time too many people get caught up on the little things and forget what weddings are truly all about.

As Shakespeare refers to Italy as the land of love, what better way to really feel the love and romance then right in Italy? The buildings and sights alone will put you in that perfect mood for your wedding and help you remember through all the craziness why you're having this celebration.

Italy is known for its rich history, brilliant architecture, and may just have the best cuisine in the world.

First Step: explore the sites in the city from the older style buildings to the magnificent gardens.

Since the buildings were built so long ago, the architecture in Italy showed the true talent that many of the architects did have.  Detail was extremely important so when it comes time to pick a unique wedding venue you won't find many locations this astonishing that can be found in Italy. 

When looking to book a destination wedding, of course one of the main focuses is going to be the views, sights, landscape, and a different feel from what your used to.  Not only does Italy include that when walking through town but the actual country and sites you see will leave your guests amazed.  There is so many different locations in Italy when looking to plan your wedding that it might leave you clueless as to where you should look first, but I assure you that you can't go wrong with any part of Italy.  Our favorite location is the Amalfi Coast, from Sorrento to Amalfi the locations are breath-taking.

As stated before, the cuisine is entirely out of this world.  Unlimited true Italian pastas, different sauces, pizza, all the best for your wedding.  Italy truly can exceed your highest expectations with their food alone. Everything is always perfectly fresh and prepared to the food's greatest potential.

To top everything else off, we absolutely love our Italian weddings.  The team of experts that we have assembled in Italy makes our job a dream.  They're extremely friendly and very helpful.  Planning a wedding here is one of our favorites and is always a pleasure.  With twenty years experience in Europe we are the experts on Italy. We love to commission boats to explore the coast from Almalfi to Sorrento.  Italy never fails to impress each guest and there really is something for everyone to see and enjoy.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Newport Rhode Island's Famous Mansions

Newport Rhode Island Home to the Great Gatsby Mansions:

One of the latest comebacks: The Gatsby Era or More Formally the 1920's

The Roaring Twenties were viewed as a tremendously prosperous decade for America.  From 1920-1929 the nation's wealth just about doubled.  With more money it allowed people to gain a pursuit of pleasure, having a little extra cash brought along a major social change.  Extravagant parties were thrown and the Jazz age came forward full swing.  The Great Gatsby portrays this social life through many of the character's events and honestly who doesn't want to be able to just enjoy a good time with some great company?

The Great Gatsby is known for these extraordinary events featured in both the book and following movies.  Everyone lives for these fulfilling times and forget about the stress that money brings.  The 1974 movie was filmed using one of the breath-taking mansions, Rosecliff in Newport, Rhode Island.  The construction for this mansion completed in 1902 from the famous architect Stanford White.  Stanford White was famous for his homes of the Guilded Age known for the lavish palaces, all the jewels, and the business leaders earning mass fortunes.  Rosecliff was modeled after the Grand Trianon, the garden of retreat of the French Kings.  This was built for Nevada silver heiress Theresa Fair Oelrichs which she herself hosted lavish parties and various entertainment.

Gatsby Inspired Weddings have seemingly been a great new thing.  From the entire theme, fashion, food, drinks, even venue; it seems to be what people now are dreaming of.  The 1920's decade theme was so upbeat and fresh making it definitely a decade to relive.

Rhode Island mansion weddings are fitting for the unique and diverse needs of the nontraditional wedding.  The sights alone give off that romantic feel that everyone wishes for.  Whether you want an inside ballroom wedding, an outside beach event, or even both put together; Newport Rhode Island truly has it all.

For the extremists, you can even climb down the rocky mountains and when you reach the bottom swim in the ocean from there.  For the nature lovers, the beauty and openness of the area is really very suiting.  Lastly, for the brides who are quite unsure of what type of wedding she wants to have, this is a perfect spot to start if you really want to WOW your guests. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Patterns, Pinterest and Projects

Top Wedding Trends: Patterns, Pinterest, and Projects

Brides find a variety of sources to fuel inspiration for their weddings.  They find it in film, amongst celebrities, within the pages of magazines, and on wedding blogs. Brides have been known to sponge up information that will help them translate their dream into reality. They cannot get enough of it, and now they are mostly mobile, from the iPhone to the iPad, they have instant access to finding these inspirations.
I’ve been in this wedding industry for over 20 years and there are some trends that are re-appearing…

Lace is abundant:  from the gowns to the linens to the accents. They are using lace to tie off invitations; they are using lace for tablecloths and for runners. Lace is not only a nod to something that was found in the homes of our grandparents , but it’s a quick way to feminize and soften many venues, like a barn.

Stripes and chevron prints: in an assortment of colors, is also found in invitations and table clothes. 
  Patterns excite the eye and can be used for accent pieces like pillows, being carried by a ring bearer.

Food trucks: pizza trucks, cupcake trucks, taco trucks, waffle trucks… this is way more intense than your average ice cream truck (which is also still fun to have). It’s a great way to welcome your guests and use in lieu of your regular cocktail hour. These trucks are also making an appearance for the after party. The food truck addiction continues to surprise and impress guests.

DYI: brides want to get involved, either by tying bows, making signs or making their own guest books. These personal touches add to making the day even more memorable. I’ve had brides make and jar jam, to make the wedding their own.

Social media: This is not going anywhere. If anything it is playing a larger role in the bride’s search for the next hot thing. From Pinterest to Vine to Etsy, they scour the internet for anything that inspires them.

Virtual attendees: That’s right. First there was Skype and now we can live stream weddings. It’s a wonderful way to include guests or family members who cannot attend. They get a live feed of the nuptials on their computer and it makes them feel like they are part of the festivities.

Creative food stations: Just like the many different food trucks, creative food stations can be your “wow-factor.” From smores stations to mashed potato station, brides are getting innovative like make- your-pizza station. Just like brides want to make their wedding more unique, they also want their guests to make it their own.  You are not limited to food, I’ve incorporated drink stations, like a mimosa station or bloody mary station, even step-and-mix-yourself-a-cocktail.

Lawn games: Showing up at almost every cocktail hour are games like badminton, croquet, baci ball and corn hole; people are making the cocktail hour more interactive.

Lounge areas with a defined statement: The poker lounge with poker tables and micro-brewery beers in buckets (for self-serve). If you are marrying a techie, make a lounge with computer screens and martinis. You love wine and cheese?  That can be a lounge section paired with fine wines. The possibilities are endless here.

Unique and unusual venues: This is my favorite.  Brides are opting for farms, wineries, warehouses and lofts instead of the typical ballroom space. The venue must speak to the couple and make them feel the moment.

Return of Glam: The Great Gatsby has fueled a generation into looking for that old mansion where they can gather on the lawn and have a tent with crystal chandeliers and pleated ceilings. A white carpet can be enhanced by the flowers accented by crystals.

Even though I’ve planned 100’s of weddings, brides are still inspiring me. Like the brides, I’ve soaked up these inspirations and am always finding new ways to inspire my clients. With that, I encourage my clients to “Pin [Pinterest] away!”

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vintage Inspired Weddings

Brides find inspiration from movies, magazines, tv shows and celebrities. When Blake Lively was recently married in South Carolina, that vintage inspired wedding fueled the trend even more.

Ceremonies are filled with romance.  Rose petals and mason jars suspended from wooden chairs line the aisles.  Wooden benches are being used to create eclectic seating.  For evening ceremonies, we love to highlight the ceremony area with uplighting and cross aisle lighting, giving the guests a sense of romance amongst the cover of darkness.

Keywords like Shabby Chic and Vintage seem to be the best way to convey these design concepts.  More and more  brides are asking for the eclectic look that defines their weddings. The use of chandeliers throughout the space, vintage china, lace runners and those rustic wooden tables are being used to create this look.  Many of us our scouring garage sales to find the unique elements that create a warm and inviting environment. I love the use of farm tables, they are just so wonderful and gives the designers a large area to create and design a conceptual array of eclectic  pieces.   

We are now seeing more vintage rental companies,  popping up all over the country.  Garage sale hunters now have competition from the brides.  Hardware stores cannot keep up with mason jars. Antique tea cups ,mismatched antique china, doilies, embroidered napkins, linen napkins, tea- stained lace, all are what is trending. Chalkboards and mirrors also define this style.We love to use antique furniture  to hold the large dispensers of sweet tea and ice cold lemonade.  Bundles of herbs  are being used to accent napkins.  

Carnival lights are now replacing bee lights inside and outside.  We had done a wedding
at a horse farm, and we suspended those lights from the barn to trees to create a canopy  of lights during cocktails.

The use of sign posts are now the way we guide  people from ceremony to reception or tell a story of the couples travels.

This trend lends itself well to DYI projects with the help of a good event planner. 

For more photographs of inspiration, visit www.elegantoccasions.com 

Something Old, Something New : New York Public Library

Not your average public library ... set in the heart of the city on Fifth Avenue, is the amazing New York Public Library.  This venue is not just for books, it is for celebrations.  

Upon arrival you first notice the vast marble steps that lead to this historic building.  Once inside the towering Georgian columns welcome you to this grand foyer.  The library offer multiple locations that can be used for events. My favorite space is the main foyer, that you enter off Fifth Avenue – the majestic entrance allows you to embrace the old-world setting or create a hip-chic vibe. The Celeste Bartos forum has a wonderful glass domed ceiling that makes the whole experience magical.  Each event space tells a different story.

The use of lighting is critical in this space. We love to highlight the columns of this venue and also accent the best features of the library.  Votives are a great touch to enhance the steps when you arrive and lighting the front of the building, welcomes your guests to this unique venue..

Dining tables set amongst the columns adds to the atmosphere. We love to name the tables after books or authors, after all your in the New York Public Library. We have even placed the escort cards in the drawers of the old card filing system to find your seat.

This event space should not be overlooked. It offers a myriad of possibilities and lends itself to every type of wedding.  The simplicity allows you to be creative in the design every aspect of the wedding.

Since the space is rental venue, you are able to bring in your own caterers (approval required by the Library) and your own event professionals.  Keep in  mind when using the main foyer, the event set up time is very limited due to the fact that the library has  to close to the public, prior to be allowed to set up. 

 For more  information and photos of New York City Weddings, check out www.elegantoccasions.com