A Night at the Plaza

A Night at the Plaza
Wedding designed and produced by Elegant Occasions, Inc.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vintage Inspired Weddings

Brides find inspiration from movies, magazines, tv shows and celebrities. When Blake Lively was recently married in South Carolina, that vintage inspired wedding fueled the trend even more.

Ceremonies are filled with romance.  Rose petals and mason jars suspended from wooden chairs line the aisles.  Wooden benches are being used to create eclectic seating.  For evening ceremonies, we love to highlight the ceremony area with uplighting and cross aisle lighting, giving the guests a sense of romance amongst the cover of darkness.

Keywords like Shabby Chic and Vintage seem to be the best way to convey these design concepts.  More and more  brides are asking for the eclectic look that defines their weddings. The use of chandeliers throughout the space, vintage china, lace runners and those rustic wooden tables are being used to create this look.  Many of us our scouring garage sales to find the unique elements that create a warm and inviting environment. I love the use of farm tables, they are just so wonderful and gives the designers a large area to create and design a conceptual array of eclectic  pieces.   

We are now seeing more vintage rental companies,  popping up all over the country.  Garage sale hunters now have competition from the brides.  Hardware stores cannot keep up with mason jars. Antique tea cups ,mismatched antique china, doilies, embroidered napkins, linen napkins, tea- stained lace, all are what is trending. Chalkboards and mirrors also define this style.We love to use antique furniture  to hold the large dispensers of sweet tea and ice cold lemonade.  Bundles of herbs  are being used to accent napkins.  

Carnival lights are now replacing bee lights inside and outside.  We had done a wedding
at a horse farm, and we suspended those lights from the barn to trees to create a canopy  of lights during cocktails.

The use of sign posts are now the way we guide  people from ceremony to reception or tell a story of the couples travels.

This trend lends itself well to DYI projects with the help of a good event planner. 

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Something Old, Something New : New York Public Library

Not your average public library ... set in the heart of the city on Fifth Avenue, is the amazing New York Public Library.  This venue is not just for books, it is for celebrations.  

Upon arrival you first notice the vast marble steps that lead to this historic building.  Once inside the towering Georgian columns welcome you to this grand foyer.  The library offer multiple locations that can be used for events. My favorite space is the main foyer, that you enter off Fifth Avenue – the majestic entrance allows you to embrace the old-world setting or create a hip-chic vibe. The Celeste Bartos forum has a wonderful glass domed ceiling that makes the whole experience magical.  Each event space tells a different story.

The use of lighting is critical in this space. We love to highlight the columns of this venue and also accent the best features of the library.  Votives are a great touch to enhance the steps when you arrive and lighting the front of the building, welcomes your guests to this unique venue..

Dining tables set amongst the columns adds to the atmosphere. We love to name the tables after books or authors, after all your in the New York Public Library. We have even placed the escort cards in the drawers of the old card filing system to find your seat.

This event space should not be overlooked. It offers a myriad of possibilities and lends itself to every type of wedding.  The simplicity allows you to be creative in the design every aspect of the wedding.

Since the space is rental venue, you are able to bring in your own caterers (approval required by the Library) and your own event professionals.  Keep in  mind when using the main foyer, the event set up time is very limited due to the fact that the library has  to close to the public, prior to be allowed to set up. 

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