A Night at the Plaza

A Night at the Plaza
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hidden Jewel of the Caribbean

I love when clients choose exotic destinations for their weddings because it gives everyone an added sense of great adventures. Iceland is a fantastic choice for any couple who loves hiking and cooler weather. However, the warmer destinations can be just as exotic and intriguing.

A true jewel of the Caribbean is the tiny island of Canouan. While this island isn’t the easiest to get to, you might have to take 2 or 3 flights depending on where you are coming from, it is a beautiful place to host a wedding.

It’s part of St. Vincent & the Grenadines and sits below Barbados, which is where you fly to and take a smaller plane to Canouan. This island is not very well known, not even my Word spell-check thinks it exists, underlining Canouan with that red line!

But this place exists, even if it you feel like you are in a dream while you are there! In the green mountains and valleys of the gorgeous island, sits the beautiful Canouan Resort that has breathtaking views of the bright blue water.

This resort is appealing to any couple because they can accommodate from a small getaway up to about 100 guests. The suites and villas add a touch luxury for this relaxing environment.

My favorite thing about this resort is the feeling I get when I’m there: complete calmness. There is a Zen tone to this property. If you want to relax and sit in the sun all day, go ahead! For those who want to play golf, there is an 18-hole championship, which happens to be part of the Trump International Golf Club. The views from each hole vary, but they are all spectacular.

One of my favorite features of this resort is their 17th century chapel. This is perfect for couples who want to host the ceremony there instead of the beach.

The resort has an amazing pool that it boasts as the largest in the Caribbean where you can host amazing cocktail parties. There are other options for cocktails; they have three restaurants that are all great spaces. You can even maybe host a party on the golf course.

The world-class spa is amazing. You can take the tram up the mountain to the individual treatment bungalows or take a boat out to the water and have a spa treatment in one of the huts sitting in the ocean.

The best way I can put this, is that it’s a tropical paradise that makes you feel like you have arrived in Bali but with less jet lag. It is certainly one of my favorites!

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